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Foto von Write4Food
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Write4Food, 33 Jahre, Vereinigte Staaten (Austin)

Hey!!! I love learning about people, different cultures, and sharing my experiences on life and people I have met on my journey thus far. I'm an appreciator of art, whether good, bad, bizarre or otherwise. I love hanging out with friends, meeting new people, love to dance, listen to music (all sorts!), travel (nationally and internationally), laugh and just enjoy life. I don't tend to write one-liners... what's the fun in that?! I love snail mail, sending postcards, long letters, and receiving the same. I hope to hear from you! Even if you're not looking for a mail pal, shoot me a line and tell me something about you or something that bothered you today or maybe a highlight of your day. Positivity/Optimism is contagious! Let's spread it! (02.12.2011)

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Ellie1986, 28 Jahre, Vereinigte Staaten (Casselberry)

Hello everyone! I'm Ellie from the United States and I would love to find a pen pal from someplace or everyplace in the world. I'm very nice, sweet and a little crazy. I can be really random at times. Please contact me if you would like to be my pen pal. I do have to say, I have a couple of requests. I am not looking for a relationship, I am already in one. I want some one to talk to and to learn about cultures from. I don't want to see marriage proposals popping up unless it is from my boyfriend. Also, no pen pals from jail or prison. That stuff freaks me out to no end and I don't want to be a victim of a random death. Please respect my requests. They are simple and easy to follow. (03.02.2012)

Foto von Robin
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Robin, 61 Jahre, Vereinigte Staaten (Atlanta Georgia)

Suche Brief- bzw. Emailkontakte aus aller Welt, um feste Freundschaften zu schließen und nicht nur ab und zu zu schwatzen. Ich spreche Deutsch, Englisch und Französisch und ein bisschen Spanisch, und ich würde euch gerne mit Englisch helfen, wenn ihr Lust habt. Ich besuche Europa so ungefähr alle zwei Jahre und könnte eventuell meine neuen Freunde besuchen. Ich interessiere mich für fast alles und wüsste gern mehr über die Jugendlichen in Europa, d.h. die "Szene", weil ich Lehrer bin und von Musik, Neuheiten und Gegenwartskultur fasziniert bin. (20.05.2011)

Foto von Jbosch
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Jbosch, 38 Jahre, Vereinigte Staaten (Washington)

I live in Washington State, USA and will be traveling to Zurich in September 2011 for 3 days on my way to Cairo, Egypt. I am very interested to meet people who would be willing to tell me what is best to visit in this short time or show me for a 3 day fun adventure. I have a lot of stories to share and would love to hear your stories. (31.01.2011)

Foto von Sonseeahray
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Sonseeahray, 35 Jahre, Vereinigte Staaten (Chicago)

Hi, I'm a 30 years old married woman and I'm looking for penpals from any country in the world. I speak German, English and French, and I know some words in Arabic, Italian and Spanish. I like to travel, be creative and to meet new people. (28.11.2010)

Foto von pr882k
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pr882k, 25 Jahre, Vereinigte Staaten (NY)

I am looking to meet new friends in different parts of the world. I enjoy learning and doing new things. I also enjoy meeting new people, and listening to all different types of music. I love playing sports and watching movies. (08.06.2010)

Foto von CaseyMarie
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CaseyMarie, 21 Jahre, Vereinigte Staaten (New London, Wisconsin, USA)

I would love to meet people from around the world, but I'm looking for a pen pal.. or some one who would want to learn more about the US.. I wan to learn more about other countries so I figured... Hey this is a great place for that. I'm funny, a little nutty sometimes... but I'm a... how do you say.. uh.. Good person to talk to? especially if your having problems. I can read and speak 4 languages.. all self taught, and the way I grew up was not with English.. If anything it was an old version of Irish... I don't know how to explain.. my grandda is from Dublin.. soo... Yup. One day I want to see my home land again.. but.. I doubt that I'll have the money. Message me if you'd like (21.10.2010)

Foto von SavvyBee
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SavvyBee, 24 Jahre, Vereinigte Staaten (Georgia)

Hi! I'm Savanna. I am 20 years old and an art student in the US studying to be an animator. I love foreign languages and I am interested in penpals from anywhere! My hobbies include drawing, painting, reading, writing, music, sewing, and gaming among many other things. I love to meet new people and learn more about other languages and countries. I look forward to making some new friends! :) (18.02.2010)

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sparklekkg, 20 Jahre, Vereinigte Staaten (usa)

Hey, my name is Karla and I live in the US. I can speak English, Spanish, and a little bit of French. I'm still working on it. I would like to learn other languages and meet people from all over the world... Hope to hear from you soon... A bientot! ;) (07.01.2010)

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